Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is traveling to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.  It includes irreplaceable historic, cultural and natural resources.

Heritage tourism includes the following:

  • Historic places such as house museums, battlefields, historic districts and certain events.
  • Architectural resources such as architectural landmarks, historic districts or vernacular structures.
  • Natural places including rural landscapes, cultural landscapes, and natural landmarks.
  • Traditions of our region, which includes oral history, certain industries, music, foods, folklore and heritage-related events.
  • Appropriate recreational venues such as land and water trails.
  • Communities that represent unique local assets and atmosphere.
  • Businesses that provide cultural heritage related products and services, including restaurants, shops, crafts, lodging, tour services, attractions, etc.
  • Rural heritage tourism defined by the countryside in which tourism businesses or activities are found including the villages, landscape, wildlife, community and cultural life, built and natural heritage as important assets which attract visitors and visitors revenue.
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