Stakeholder-Citizen Review
West End Revitalization Master Plan

Introduction - The City of Charles Town utilizing a combination of grant and planning funding commissioned the West End Master Redevelopment Plan to study the area and provide recommendations for public infrastructure improvements, parks and recreation development and private development opportunities.  This plan was developed using public input gathered at two meetings as well as an assessment of on-going projects and adopted plans.  The resulting redevelopment plan covers visions and themes, plan approach and framework, master planning, and a cost analysis.  The plan also includes appendices that cover siting feasibility for an athletic facility, site mapping, roundabout case studies and the Happy Retreat Community Forestry Plan.

On August 17th at their regular meeting, the City Council opened up the plan for public comment from both individuals and groups.  Because this is a Master Plan, individual elements in the plan will be modified as more information or funding becomes available.  For that reason, the Council will leave the review period open ended to allow citizens to provide input as the Plan becomes more focused.  To aid in the review, the Plan is broken down by chapter and appendices allowing the public to review and comment on the entire plan or just those areas that appeal to them.  The public is encouraged to submit comments on the Plan to the City Manager at .  Please write the chapter being commented on in the subject line, so the comments can be collated for review by the City Council.

On behalf of the City Council, we thank you for taking an interest in our community.


Evitt's Run Green Infrastructure Park Project

Introduction - The West End Revitalization Plan as a master plan will be implemented incrementally as opportunities for funding become available.  That is the case with the Evitts Run Park portion of the project, which seeks to restore the abandoned City Water Reservoir to create a natural pond.  This pond and associated park and trails will serve as a natural basin to collect and clean sheet flow storm water.  The City is seeking grant funding from two sources.  A summary of the Project can be seen at

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