Building Inspection and Code Compliance

The Building Inspection Office is dedicated to the service of the community by ensuring that the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens are addressed through its responsibilities in the administration and enforcement of all adopted building and construction codes of the City of Charles Town. In its commitment to excellence in community growth and development, the Building Inspection Office will strive to afford an efficient and responsive environment by providing consistent, organized, and courteous service to the public.

Code Compliance                                                                                        
The Code Compliance office works diligently to improve the quality of life in Charles Town through the proactive enforcement of laws and codes, such as the Property Maintenance Code, Charles Town Codified Code, and the other land development standards. Important to our effort is our goal of making Charles Town a desirable place to live and work as well as a memorable place for tourists to visit. If you have concerns or suggestions that can help improve your neighborhood or community, please let us know. Our office will respond and acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

Forms and Applications
What requires a Building Permit?
 - Decks  - Siding
 - Fence  - Sidewalk
 - New Construction      - Driveways
 - Remodels  - Accessory Structures
 - Additions  - HVAC Systems
 - Water Heater  - Electrical
 - Porches  - Swimming Pools
 - Roofs  - Hot Tubs
 - Radon Mitigation  

Building Permit Required Inspections

To progress from one step to the next, the previous inspection must pass before the next inspection can be requested.

  1. Rough Electrical

    • This is completed by a third party, which can be found on the Building Permit Application.

    • Rough electrical inspection needs to pass before Framing Inspection can be requested.

  2. Framing (the following will be inspected simultaneously)

    • Rough Plumbing

    • Mechanical

  3. Insulation

  4. Drywall

  5. Finished Electrical

    • This is completed by the same third party, which inspected your rough electrical.

  6. Final Inspection

    • After the Final Inspection is approved by the Building Code Official, the permitted activity can be used and occupied.

    • Additionally, after the Final Inspection is approved by the Building Code Official, the following projects require a Certificate of Use and Occupancy Permit to be issued before the structure can be used and occupied:

      • New Construction, both Commercial and Residential
      • Finished Basements
      • Complete renovation of a structure
Current Codes
2015 IRC
2009 IRC Energy Code
2015 IBC Code
2015 IPMC
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