The City of Charles Town is working in partnership with the Jefferson Arts Council and other allied organizations to plan for the creation of a “Washington Heritage Arts & Culture District” in central Charles Town, WV.  The Washington Heritage District will boost arts, cultural activities, heritage tourism, and community activities to make Charles Town an even more vibrant place for residents and visitors alike.  Supported by $50,000 in funding from the National Endowment for the Arts plus local matching resources, Charles Town's arts & culture district leadership committee has hired a consulting team led by the firm evolveEA (www.evolveea.com).  The committee and a team of civic, arts, and consulting organizations is now crafting a plan and taking initial implementation steps to create the Washington Heritage District.  


Would you like to get involved in the planning and implementation of Charles Town's Arts & Culture District?

Email Joe Bourgeois, District Planning Committee Chair at Bourgeois@springsips.com.



Key objectives and deliverables for the project:


1.) DEFINE THE DISTRICT:  The team will identify the boundaries for a destination district, identify arts/cultural/heritage assets within the district, assess the available indoor and outdoor spaces to hold additional artistic and cultural activities, identify major gaps to fill, and produce a heritage district map.  


2.) BRANDING & MARKETING:  The team will create a set of branding and marketing materials to help market Charles Town as a destination place.  This will include a plan for short- and long-term marketing, a logo, strategies for online and print outreach, and an initial plan for wayfaring signage to help visitors navigate the key attractions in the district.  


3.) COMMUNITY MURALS & ART ALLEYS:  The community will identify walls for the creation of one or more community murals and “art alleys” in the downtown area, and launch a project to commission the first mural.


4.) COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD:  The committee will plan and construct a Community Bulletin Board outside Charles Washington Hall to help citizens and visitors know about civic, arts, cultural, heritage, and community events taking place.


5.) PLAN FOR COMMUNITY HUBS:  The committee and consulting team will work with other organizations to help identify the best ways to use key community hubs for arts, cultural, heritage, tourism, festival and community activities, including the soon-to-be-restored Charles Washington Hall and the Happy Retreat estate.  


6.) COMMUNITY FESTIVAL:  The committee will continue to build the Charles Town Heritage Festival (on West Virginia Day, June 20) as an opportunity to gather and celebrate.



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