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Old Town Properties

City staff are working with local property owners and commercial realtors to identify properties that are available for business development in our downtown. This work includes identifying properties that are currently on the market for lease or sale and developing high-level concepts for other properties to increase density and mix-uses.

All of these properties are located in our downtown and provide a great opportunity for independent business operators and developers to be a part of the active commercial district. Charles Town is a Main Street community with a program director that can assist you in finding the right location for your business. We are committed to the Main Street program and the promotion of our downtown. If you were to locate a business in any of these locations, you would benefit from the numerous downtown events and cross promotional efforts that are underway to attract more residents and visitors to our downtown.

Until the concepts are finalized and links are developed, please contact Charles Town’s Downtown Coordinator, Liz Cook, at 304-270-0174 for the latest information on available properties and to discuss your business needs.

There are no new properties at this time.