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1. Where do I go to pay my water bill?

You can pay your water bill at 661 S. George Street. The Utility Board phone number for payments is 304-725-2316.

2. What actions require a building permit?

Listed Below are the improvements that require a building permit,

 – New Construction  – HVAC Systems
 – Additions – Furnaces
 – Remodels, including Basement Finishes – Water Heaters
 – Roofing and Siding – Propane Tanks
 – Decks and Porches – Driveways
 – Fences – Sidewalks
 – Accessory Structures and Sheds – Radon Mitigation
 – Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs – Plumbing

Applicants can apply at city hall or online at For more information contact the Community Development Department at 304-724-3248.

There may be other activities that require a permit, depending on the job or situation. For such activities, the city’s building inspector, John Dick, will determine if a permit is needed. Fore more information about such cases, please call the city’s Community Development Department for additional information.

3. Where do I find the tax office, assessor’s office, magistrate court, county planning office, etc.?

Please follow this link to our interactive map with waypoints of multiple locations in Charles Town that you may be looking for.
Charles Town Map

4. How do I calculate my B&O tax obligation?

To calculate your B&O tax obligation, the company should divide its semiannual taxable income (i.e. sales) by 100 and multiply by the business classification tax rate.

For example, a contractor with $50,000 in sales will divide that number by 100 and multiply by 2.00 (the business classification tax rate for a contractor). This taxpayer’s B&O tax for the period will be $1,000.

Here are some other general B&O points to know:

  • B&O taxes are files on a semiannual basis with the city — July 31 and January 31.
  • If not filed by those dates, a 25% penalty is assessed as well as a monthly 1% interest rate for every month that the return is late.
  • To renew a business license, the taxpayer must be current on tax filings.

5. How do I rent the pool, pavilion, Charles Washington Hall, etc.?

Any person may request a form to reserve a park pavilion, the city pool, or Charles Washington Hall by calling city hall at 304-725-2311 or by accessing the forms online at these links; Pavilion/pool Charles Washington Hall.
Applications should be submitted at least 60 days before the reservation date for the best chance of getting the space you want. Applications are date stamped and reviewed by city staff. A temporary hold is placed on the date (if available) while the applications is under review. City staff will review the application and a letter will be sent to the applicant to verify the reservation. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis.

6. What is the process for acquiring a Special Activity Permit?

Any person or organization sponsoring an event in the city that requires the use of public space and/or resources must submit a Special Activity Permit application. There is a $25 non-refundable payment due at the time of application. The application form is available at city hall or online. Click here for the Special Activity Permit.
The applicant will be contacted by city staff with follow up questions and/or approval. Event sponsors are encouraged to submit the application form at least 60 days prior to the event.

7. Where can I get visitor information?

The Charles Town Visitor’s Center, also know as the Welcome Center, is now located at 100 W. Washington Street (first floor of Charles Washington Hall). Regular hours of operation are 10am to 5pm every day of the week (closed on holidays). If the center is not open during these hours, please contact the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau for more information about all the attractions in Charles Town. They can be reached by phone at 866-435-5698 or on the web at