Building Commission

Charter Article 137 – WV Code 8-33-1

The purpose of the Building Commission (Commission) is to support the city with long-term financing to construct, renovate, and maintain facilities. The powers, duties, and requirements to serve are outlined below.
Powers and Duties:
  • acquire, purchase, own, hold, sell, encumber, or dispose of any real or personal property;  
  • acquire, construct, equip, maintain and operate public buildings, structures, projects and other facilities;
  • apply for and use grants, donations and contributions from any source and accept and use bequests, devises, gifts and donations;
  • issue negotiable bonds, notes, debentures or other evidences of indebtedness, incur indebtedness, issue any obligations, and give any necessary security;
  • raise funds by the issuance and sale of revenue bonds;
  • exercise the power of eminent domain as appropriate; and
  • lease properties for public purposes to such persons and upon such terms as the Commission deems proper.
  • no member of the Commission can hold any office or employment with the United States of America, the State of West Virginia, any county government, political subdivision, or political party; and
  • all members must be residents of the municipality
Building Commissioners and Terms
John Rish 01.01.20 – 12.31.25
Liz McDonald 12.20.21 – 12.31.26
Sarah Edgar 01.01.23 – 12.31.27
Mary Ellen Mahoney 02.05.24 – 12.31.28
Keith Veler (Chair) 10.21.19 – 12.31.24