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Board of Zoning Appeals

WV Code Chapter 37A

The primary role of the Board of Zoning Appeals (Board) is to hear, review, and determine appeals made by a property owner based on an order or decision of the city’s zoning administrator. The Board will determine whether to grant the property owner an exception to the specific rules and regulations applicable to a property within a zoning district. They may issue special use permits and/or grant variances to the city’s zoning ordinance.

Board of Zoning Appeals Members and Terms

Christopher Cox 01.01.21 – 12.31.23
Patrick Kratovil 01.01.22 – 12.31.24
C. Locke Wysong, Jr. (Chair) 01.01.23 – 12.31.25
Jim Thomas 01.01.23 – 12.31.25
Vacant 01.01.23 – 12.31.25

Forms and Applications